Production Facilities

Our commitment to fabric performance and continuous development in advance technologies, together with our respect for the environment, run through all aspects of our manufacturing process; from fobre selection, weaving and dyeing through to our finishes. Our R&D departments and our production engineers constantly work towards the minimisation of toxic substances, alternatives for existing raw materials, waste reduction, reduction of engery use and renewable energies.

This process includes three steps: desizing, scouring, and bleaching. The purpose is to remove the slurry, cellulose symbiotics and pigments on the greige, to improve the fiber permeability

The purpose of setting synthetic fibers and their blended fabrics is mainly to eliminate wrinkles that have formed on semi-products and improve the dimensional stability of plants.

Dyeing is the core of the entire process. We use a continuous pad-dye combined unit. With high productivity, fast color change, and stable color difference

We have two rotary screen printing lines, mainly producing camouflage printed fabrics with up to 8 sets of colors.

We have two flame-retardant production lines with a monthly output value of 1.5 million meters. Its washing resistance can reach 50-100 times, and it is widely used in petroleum, chemical and other industries.

After the fabric completes the previous steps, change the width of the fabric and maintain the stability of the fabric through physical and chemical methods; improve the feel, appearance, and performance, etc.