We believe workwear with multiple protective capabilities is safer for wearers and better for businesses. Having a fabric with a single protective capability could leave employees vulnerable to other hazards not considered.

Chemical, Oil & Water Repellent Finishes

For outstanding performance in combined chemical splash protection and water repellency we use Splashgard C6 technology – a fluorocarbon treatment applied to the fabric to provide excellent levels of resistance against oil, water and some chemicals.

When liquid spills come into contact with the fabric, they form into beads and roll off the surface. Any dry soiling of the fabric is easily brushed off the surface.

This finish conforms to EN13034 aqueous chemical splash standard, and has been designed to last and remain effective through repeated laundering cycles.

A high degree of fabric breathability is a critical factor-along with water-repellent properties that offer excellent wearer protection.

Long term durability is ensured by reactivation of the chemicals after the washing process using thermal drying finishes.

Water Repellent Finishes


These finishes offer a PFC free sound option where only water repellency is required. The finishes are durable and suitable for Oeko-Tex 100

Stain and Soil release Finishes


For end uses where only limited repellency is required but stain and soil removal is paramount we can offer a range of functional finishes to meet your requirements.

Moisture Management Finish


Moisture management finish confers wash-resistant hydrophilic properties for fibres of all kinds. The fabrics dry quicker, wick moisture away from the skin and stay soft and breathable even when the wearer is involved in high-intensity activities.

Soft handle Finish

This finish can be applied to enhance a fabric’s own inherent softness and feel, or add an extra dimension to a fabric chosen primarily for other more practical qualities. It gives a ‘super soft’ handle and greatly improves the fabric’s natural drape and a garment’s stylish look.

So it’s an effective way to maximise wearer comfort and maintain a smart appearance – without compromising on a hard wearing and hard-working performance. Soft but durable, the finish is designed to withstand repeated washing.

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